The continuing saga of two women, their men, and a whole lot of hats.

About The Women Behind The Hats….

In a world apart lies the little town of Bridgeport. It is a pleasing hamlet located behind our time but ahead of its own. Its residents understand the importance of keeping up appearances and they devote much of their time to doing just that. Though town pride swells at this fine weave of affluence and decorum, one tug at any loose thread can threaten the very fabric they work so hard to weave often revealing a more tawdry, and a much more enjoyable tapestry.

The world of The Sisters Brimm unfolds through the eyes of the sisters themselves, Prudence and Temperance. Dirty laundry be it their own or that of their neighbors is aired unceremoniously by the two ladies who, though different in temperament, share an uncensored appreciation for the lives of those around them which often leads to inconvenient slips of propriety that work out poorly for their neighbors, but quite well for them. Their luck can be likened to that of the cartoon character who strolls down the street blissfully unaware of the narrowly avoided catastrophe which has beset their every step.

Like the sisters, their creators, Jamie Dwyer and Heather Wexler, share a deep appreciation for many of the same things. Jamie began her foray into theater and theatrical costuming back in highschool which afforded her experience in many eras of fashion. She started making hats while working the Southern California Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire where most of her work was with leather; however, she always had an inclination for darker influences. The Victorian fascination with death coupled with the extravagant and highly detailed fashions lent itself perfectly to her gothic predilection. This combination led, for many years, to a wardrobe full of black velvet, big skirts, and corsets and has since evolved into a deeper appreciation for the always beautiful and routinely torturous fashions of bygone days.

As she grew up, Heather was most influenced by MGM musicals, Disney, and Anne of Green Gables. Her biggest inspirations never came from current trend or fashion. Instead, she gravitated towards pin-ups: Gibson Girls to cheesecake.  Every inspiration revolved around fashion, hair, or hat. Through the years her tastes also swayed towards dark and beautiful things. She cut her costuming teeth at goth clubs. For Heather, the environment was just as much about the costume as it was about the willowy music to which she would curl and unfurl.

Both girls walked similar paths but something wonderful happened the day those paths merged. While working for a Southern California theme park, where the appearance of perfection was always the goal, they discovered that their similar journeys had already built a solid foundation for a sisterly bond and one hell of an artistic storm. After years of friendship and creative adventures these ladies have settled well into this unusual venture and have set up shop in the eccentric and often death-centric world of The Sisters Brimm.

Now, much like the residents of Bridgeport, they are working hard to fashion a distinct vision by weaving their love of story-telling with their appreciation for the Victorian aesthetic. Started from a seedling of story, each hat is meticulously crafted to tell its tale using an array of materials, both conventional and not. From hand-painted detail to one-of-a-kind vintage trims, a Sisters brim is limited only by imagination and blooms when touched by the magic from which it came. Designed with passion and made with love, the aspiration is to create wearable art. There are hats for all personalities and budgets. Some hats have a bigger story to tell than others but each is beautiful and unique.

There are several windows into the Sisters world. You have already found their blog which offers an in-depth look at the inspiration behind their creations. Each hat tells an intriguing story of fantasy, deception, and/or death in a way only Victorians can deliver….with dignity, good taste and utter denial.

You can also visit their shop on Etsy ( where you will see an array of frippery. From enchanting fascinators to hats topped with lanterns and books, there is no telling what objects are fit for sitting on one’s head. If there is a way to make something glitter, flicker, glow, or shine, the sisters will find it. Part of the passion is conquering the most impossible illusions with the highest level of detail. Inspiration can strike at any time. One never knows what a change of season or a pretty lampshade placed atop one’s head will precipitate. And commissioned pieces present welcome opportunities to conquer the challenge of custom work.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook (, Instagram, and Twitter where you will find teasers and shots of their many works in progress, comprehensive albums from the latest photo shoots, and inspirational links and pictures from the many eccentricities of eras past.

We here at The Sisters Brimm invite you to take a break from your world and to spend some time in ours.


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  1. Love your page and a like from me on facebook. Look forward to your posts!

    October 9, 2013 at 2:09 pm

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