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The Suit Hat

One day, she looked around and realized that Prudence’ once bountiful wardrobe was now a thinning supply room. Like a magpie in the graveyard, Temperance had plucked and picked every bauble and frill, taken panels of fabric from without and within to adorn her one of a kind creations. Looking upon the threadbare threads only served to mirror the reality of her sister’s lingering absence. And the sadness was almost too much for Temperance to bear. The only styptic for such a wound was creativity. But what does one create with dwindling supplies?

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And Temperance now knew this to be true. For as she was looking around a shop still rife with men’s finery, she realized that she had only scratched the surface of her resources. Prudence was not the only one who had flounced across oceans. Henry was even more to blame for her sister’s extended absence. And so Henry would be the one to offer Temperance his support.


Breaking the Fourth Wall: Reality in the World of The Sisters Brimm

Recently, we here at The Sisters Brimm have decided that it is necessary to add a new section to our blog. In the past, we have used this as a a doorway into the world of the sisters, Prudence and Temperance. After-all, it is through their eyes that these many hats have come to be. However, there is another aspect to these hats. Once they have been dreamt up, it is by the hands of Jamie and Heather, that the hats are guided through the transition from The Sister’s world to ours. And while the Sisters have much to say, it turns out that we do too.

So we feel it is necessary on occasion to “break the fourth wall” offering tips, tricks, and new ideas to help our fellow lovers of Victorian and fantasy headwear present themselves properly!

Gone are the days of gorgeous hats sitting atop meager ponytails! Down with the poorly accessorized gown! 

Ponytail again?

No friends, now, for just a mere moment of your time, you, that’s right, YOU can be the clearest ringing bell at the ball!

Wow. I don’t know when this became an ad. Just goes to show how closely the world of The Sisters Brimm is to our own. One never knows when they may slap the rouge out of your hand or pin up your hair just so that the crowning glory of your crowning glory has a perfectly proper perch!

And while the Sisters have their ideas on fashion, deportment, and sumptuary law, their alter-egos (imprisoned by the meager realities of modern times as are you) do too. We understand that not all, in fact MOST of you do not have lady’s maids to lace your corsets and to properly pin-curl our hair. We sympathize to no end over the fact that “they (whoever “they” are) just don’t make ‘em (whatever “‘em” are) like they used to!” And we thought it was high time, neighbor, you had someone out there to acknowledge your struggle and to FEEL YOUR PAIN.

In short, we are excited and eager to share what we know with you. From building a costume, to fashion history, to suggestions on what the H-E-double toothpicks to do with your hair, we, the sisters behind the Sisters Brimm, are here to help!

A Horse of a Different Color

Winter was long and Temperance was absolutely grey with a lack of sunlight, not to mention a lack of sister. The longer Prudence was away, the more common it was for Temperance to demonstrate the first part of her name rather than the whole. What was left of the dwindling staff went about their work amidst the sounds of crashing candlesticks and breaking Dresden. Poor Eloise was always the one nominated for damage control. She had become quite good at bobbing and weaving between flying objects in whatever room Temperance had targeted for her latest tantrum and she seemed to have a way with the woman that the others could not begin to understand.

One day, after a particularly horrid outburst, Eloise remained with Temperance for some time, talking to her, trying to calm her temper. She suggested that what Miss Temperance really needed was a friend.

A friend. The mere thought of it made Temperance feel pounds lighter. And so, being a woman of action and never one to wallow in self pity, Temperance began her quest. She spent weeks looking for this friend. She thought, perhaps, she might find a surrogate sister of sorts. But week after week she would eavesdrop on conversations between the ladies in town and every time she listened all she heard was gossip. Always gossip. Not one of them had anything of genuine interest to say. If Temperance was to find a friend among the residents of Bridgeport, they would surely have to be a horse of a different color. They would have to be someone in which she could confide her deepest secrets and would, perhaps, share her love of hats.

She had nearly given up when, one evening, on her way to the cemetery for her usual stroll, she was startled by the sounds of yelling and screaming and the echoey thunder of hooves. Temperance whirled around in an effort to spot what surely was a herd of wild horses but her eyes were met with only one. The horse, black as pitch, raced over the ridge, tail up like a flag, and headed straight for her. At that moment, the strangest thing occurred. Her gaze met that of the wild animal and the connection was instant. The horse threw on the brakes of his own accord about ten paces from Temperance who’s hand was now held out toward it. Snorting and puffing, he came to a stop, his nose meeting Temperance’s flattened palm. Her heart spun.

Finally, Mr. Allegheny, the horse’s frustrated owner caught up to his runaway beast. Through hissing breaths he swore he would turn the animal into shoes. “At least then,” Mr. Allegheny said, “if you run away, you have to take yer passenger with yeh.”

Temperance glared and admonished the man. “Did it ever occurs to you that your yelling ~scared~ the poor thing? I would have thrown you too if you tried yelling at me like that!”

The man looked at the small woman and shook his head. “Madam, this horse is a nuisance. There is not one rider he has not thrown nor a fence he has not jumped. He’s no good to anyone.” But Temperance whole heartedly disagreed. She knew he would be good for her. So she offered to buy the stallion then and there. Seeing the woman’s infatuation with the animal and having heard stories about how crazy Prudence’s spinster sister was, Mr. Allegheny decided to take full advantage of the opportunity asking quite a fat price for the nuisance of a stallion and Temperance did not haggle. For, while the man was off-loading a horse more trouble than its worth, Temperance was finally bringing home a friend.